Metering Skid For Oil & Gas Industry

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What Is A Metering Skid?

This blog explains  the basic concepts and techniques of Metering Skid necessary  to design specify and manage oil and gas production facilities.

Metering Skid  Plays a vital role in the precision measurement for both buying and selling of  hydrocarbons . Every transaction made by the  petroleum producers  need  to know the net volume of hydocarbons / gases  going into the pipeline /Ship /Truck . Many petro chemical plants ,LPG, and oil & gas processors use fundamentally distinct systems for such measurements.

Metering Skid  is a Custody transfer flow meter where the fiscal calculations are determined and it is used for Oil &  Gas applications in the Truck loading facility, Jetty facility. Metering Skid  comprises of fluid filtration, pressure regulation, metering section and flow control.

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer(LACT) :

A LACT unit is used  for custody transfer of oil/gases .In large facilties, oil is typically sold through a LACT unit and this unit is designed to meet API Standards and other additional measuring  standards as required by the purchaser. The LACT unit not only measure the net volume  and quality of liquid hydrocarbons accurately, but must continuously monitor the BS&W(Basic Sediment and water) content .

The Crude oil first flows  through a strainer and gas eliminator, thus protecting the pump & meter and also improving the measurement accuracy.

Depending on the application, metering skid has all kinds of  custody transfer flow principles such as PD meters, turbine meters ,Orifice plates,coriolis meters, ultrasonic meters and other types of flow meters.

Liquid and Gas Metering Skid :

Fully Integrated Metering Skid

  • Instrumentation (Pressure, volume, etc.)
  • Valves and Pipes (Check valve, Prover loop valve, Back pressure Valve etc.)
  • Flow meters (PD meters, Turbine meters, coriollis mass meters, )

Metering Houses with

  • Strainer/air eliminator
  • Pump
  • BS & W  analyser
  • Sampler
  • Meter prover
  • Flow computers and Control panel

 Truck Loading Facility:

For Loading bulk gas oil skid, the monitor  protection  system shall be fully integrated with pumps, loading arms , instrumentation, security control systems, meters, Batch controllers and Terminal automation system.

Truck Loading Automation System (TLAS) will provide overall fuctions:

  • Dynamic Monitoring
  • Safe Start up and Shutdown
  • Integrated Data Logging and Reporting
  • Process Measurement
  • Multiple level of Alarms via visual , audible
  • Advance Control Application Program
  • Online Control Configuration
  • Reduce Labour and Operation Cost
  • Maximum Safety and Zero Damage

Benefits :            

Metering  Skid  designs  integrated with tank gauging Systems or Distributed Control System in terminal automation system.

Metering  Skid measures  Diesel, Kerosene ,Crude oil, Liquids, LPG, Gasoline and Chemicals with high accuracy and net volme and mass  with high quality standards

Increase your Profit  and satisfy the customers with our custody transfer metering skid , in accordance with API standards.