Best 10 signs you should invest in engineering services

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Once an Oil & Gas Industry /Company/ Entrepreneur decides to go ahead with a product, the next step is to approach a professional Engineering Design Service provider.

Engineering design Services are nothing but , transform the Customer needs & requirements into complete new product. Products are visualized through 3D modelling before manufacturing.

New product development covers the engineering disciplines like Process, Mechanical, Structural, Instrumentation , Electrical , QA/QC and production in the whole process.

Below are the top 10 signs you should do in Engineering Services and Manufacturing

What are the steps of the Engineering product development?

#1.Capturing the voice of Customer

Understanding and Knowing the customer needs/request is the main scope for every successful business. By Focusing on


your customer needs and requirements ,and developing the culture of excellence in responsive customer service within the firm, you can increase customer loyalty and also ensure that the customers continue to come back.

#2. Identifying the design needs

This process begins with feasibility study of Customer inputs details mainly pressure, temperature and project design data and requirements.


Once the input has been selected, assign a project team,that team will prepare detail necessary to develop the model.

#3.Conceptual design

It is the initial phase of design, the selected model is simulated using softwares (i.e., Hysys, HTRI, etc based upon the equipment).


This preliminary model showing the ideas of the product and it is the method of determining the performance guarantee of the products.

#4. Design Development

The Engineering Design Services Team begins with,

Step 1: Preparation of PFD with major control system

Step 2 : Preparation of detailed process & instrumentation diagram.

Step 3 : Preparation of GA drawing.

Step 4 : Submission of drawings for approval of scheme from clients.

P & I D

Documentation is the most important thing in Design service ,it obviously explains the solutions to your design ,so someone can easily understand what you have done.

Documentation consists of reports like design and Technical .Generation of  3D models and manufacturing drawings undergo some reviews for the approval.

#5.Approval from Clients

After reviewing the engineering drawings, clients return the signed agreement. An Engineer is assigned to review the documents.


Once all the items in the proposal are received correctly and mutually agreed, we got approved from our clients. We proceeding with next level.

#6.Product development process

Design Engineering is the main for the successful product. Our Skid packages includes Vessel, Strctural skid, piping and instrumentation.


STEP 1 : Detailed engineering and development of fabrication drawing for Vessel, structural skid and piping isometrics.

STEP 2 : Sharing of documents with client for any additional requirements if any.

STEP 3 : Procurement of raw materials such as Plates, pipes, flanges, fittings for manufacturing.

STEP 4 : Fabrication drawings will be issued to shop floor along with project schedule.

STEP 5: Based upon project schedule , project engineers will allocate man power and consumable requirements to meet the schedule.

#8.Quality & Certification

The process of ensuring quality of the product.

STEP 1 : Preparation of Inspection and Test plan.

STEP 2 : Invite approved Quality engineer or Notify body for material inspection to check material inline with technical delivery prequalification condition from design.

STEP 3 : Welder qualification and welding .

STEP 4 : Cutting, grinding and fit up as per approved shop floor drawing received from engineering.


STEP 5 : Welding of fit up materials and offering for testing the welding quality for repairs if any.

STEP 6 : Heat treatment.

STEP 7 : Manufactured material is inspected and witnessed by Notify body or client .

This Quality mark demonstrates the products or service meets the requirements of industry standards. Product

Certification is very essential for Quality system.

#9.Testing & Painting

After quality passed material is tested for design pressure to ensure equipment should not get failed in field , same will be witnessed by Notify body / client.

oil n g

After passing of Hydrotest, equipment is sent for painting and final assembly. Equipment is finally tested in front of client in assembled condition for any leak.


After completion of all the process , Packing and preservation will be carried out as per following procedures such as water in the equipment is fully drained, placing moisture absorbing packs, closing all open ends with wooden blanks,


instruments are protected by air bubble wrappers and ensuring equipment is fully safe from damage during transportation.

Now equipment is ready for Dispatch with safety warning sign boards such as how to lift and handle during transportation.